Club News
I hope everyone is doing well and surviving this
“Summer in the South”. I know by the time everyone gets
this Newsletter our “Cold Snap” will have come and gone,
but those mid 80 temperatures will sure feel good. 
With our hot and humid summers there is not a lot
going on – getting rides in early in the A.M. or late in the
P.M. We need to have our Long Ears ready for the Fair!! It
is right around the corner. Check out the Fair info I have
included in the Newsletter, I hope to see you all there!

A Note From Olin

We have had a great year so far and I know the 
2nd half of 2014 will be just as great. 

Save the dates of October 10, 11, 12 for the
SCDMA Mule and Donkey Show at the South Carolina
State Fair and The Fun Show on the 12th. We had lots
of new faces last year as well as some familiar faces.
Hope to see all of you again this year. Skip will be
announcing this year and our Judge will be the
“Honorable” Tom Cochran. As always, Class
Sponsorships need to be coming in – starting at
$50.00 per class. Make sure they get in early enough
to be posted in the Show Program. We want everyone
to get the credit they deserve for their contribution.

Make sure you check out the Fair packets included in the Newsletter and get your
entries in. Let's make this year bigger and better than last year.
Keep January 3rd 2015 open for our Annual Meeting. We will be voting on
the President and Secretary/Treasurer as well as 2 Board Members. Most
important is the fellowship with those friends that share in our love of Longears.

See you on the Trail,

Goodwill Plantation

The first weekend in June G.W. and Marie along with Kirby and I went to “Goodwill
Plantation” in Eastover, SC to do wagon rides. The Plantation is just past the Wateree
River (coming from Sumter) off Hwy 378. They have a gathering every year for the
descendants of the slaves that worked the Plantation. It was very educational, you just
don't realize how much history is in your own backyard. We took people to the Overlook
of the River, the trees blocked the view but you could get a pretty good idea of the area
below and the River Boat Landing. We saw old Slave houses, the old Mill House and the
old Blacksmith Shop. It all looked as if we were still back in the 1800's. We heard
stories of how the “Northerners” freed the slaves and they goofed of the rest of that
day, but got up the next morning and went to work just like they always did. Our history
lesson was given to us by a gentleman named Grover, who's parents came to live on the
Plantation in 1935. They do tours and they are usually dressed in period costume.

Harmon's Den

July 4th weekend Kirby and I went back up to Harmon's Den in the Pisgah National
Forest. This was my 2nd time there and Kirby's 3rd. It was a nice quiet weekend in the
mountains. We met lots of good folks that let us tag along with them Friday and
Saturday. They took ups up to a place called “Buzzard's Roost” Saturday. It was a little
place just off one of those winding narrow roads up the mountain. It was marked only by
a red paint mark on a tree. You could walk down a trail that had a rope to hold on to
(mainly to get back up the trail) it took out to a spot you could look down on Hwy 40. The
cars and trucks looked like ants on the ground crawling in a line. You really get a sense of
how small and insignificant you are when you look out over the valley. 
Sadly, it was time to come home and face reality.

Calendar of Events

October 10 & 11
SCDMA Mule and Donkey Show @ 
South Carolina State Fair
Olin Jackson 

October 12
Fun Show @ South Carolina State Fair
Olin Jackson 

We are planning a fall weekend @ Manchester State Forest.
The date has not yet been determined. We will keep you all posted as well as any other rides or events that come up.
If anyone would like to have an event or go somewhere as a group,
let a Board Member know and we will “GIT R DONE”

Happy Trails!!