Club News

I hope everyone is doing well, spring has finally sprung with a vengeance.
Once winter finally decided to let

go, the pollen has taken up permanent residence.
You can 
see the yellow powder on the grazing noses of all our four legged friends.
This too shall pass.

A Note from Olin

Once again we are well on the way to lots of
activities with our long eared friends. So far we have
pretended to work fields and travel cross country, or
just go play in the woods and enjoy the scenery from
the back of a trusted friend.
Thanks to those who take the time and effort to
put together these outings, it takes a lot of work and
those that participate can enjoy the fellowship of like
minded folks.
A special thanks to our friends from the North
Carolina Club for inviting us back to join them at H. Cooper
Black. It is a wonderful facility, wide dirt roads for wagons
and trails for those that are on muleback. Many thanks to
Marty and Stacy Simms for the great meal of chicken bog
and chicken and dumplings Saturday night. If you did not
make it you sure missed a great weekend, maybe we can
have more representation from our group next time.
See you on the Trail,

Plow day at Kirby and Donna's

We were glad to see so many folks at the house for the Plow Day. There were
some new faces as well as some familiar ones. A few folks came in Friday afternoon, so
after a hearty breakfast Saturday morning the mules got in a nice workout plowing up
our middle field. Olin's Pat and Penny got the job of leveling out the rows with the drag
harrow. Lunch was served around 1:00, the old standby, hamburgers and hot dogs. After
lunch we went for a ride through some of the farm roads around the house. We got back
to the house just in time for the ham to come out of the oven – ham, potato salad, and
baked beans for supper, with lots of social time to go along with it.
The weather turned on us Sunday morning and after a hearty breakfast of eggs,
bacon, sausage and grits, everyone packed up and headed home.
Thanks again to everyone that came for the day or the weekend, hope to see you
all again next time.

H. Cooper Black

The weekend started out with perfect weather, great facility and great friends,
it does not get any better than that!!
If you have not been to H. Cooper you are really missing out. Water and electric
hookups are available, or you can camp primitive. Even the primitive sites are not far
from the barn and creature comforts. For those wanting hookups, stables or corral
panels are available. Primitive sites welcome picket lines. Bath houses are large and kept
up very well (lots of hot water!!).
While we were there the Palmetto Retriever Club was having a Field Trial, that
was amazing to watch. Those dogs were from all over, the license plate from the
farthest was Maine. On to our long eared friends.
The North Carolina Club was well represented with a couple dozen folks.
Unfortunately, the South Carolina group was represented by 3. Maybe next time we can
get a few more to come.
We rode all day Saturday and packed lunch for out on the trail by one of the
many ponds. Heading back to camp, some of those riding mules and donkeys headed on a
slightly different rout than those of us in wagons. At the end of the day we all met up
for the wonderful spread that Marty and Stacy Simms put out. Our many Thanks to
them for all their hard work.
Ounce again the weather turned on us but we decided to ride for a bit anyway.
Back to camp by lunchtime and the end of a great weekend.
Again many Thanks to our friends from North Carolina!!
Ma Beth and Uncle Henry's
As always a great time was had by all at Ma Beth & Uncle Henry's. Beth an Jerry
Tankersley was there to add to the work force with Beth being on very limited duty due
to back surgery.
We rode out Saturday morning for a treck through the woods. We saw a few deer
that morning but it did not seem to bother anyone. Lots of beautiful wild flowers to
check out on our breaks, some even managed to make their way back to Sumter. Must
have been stowaways. Back to the house for lunch and some tall tale telling, and then off
for an afternoon stroll.
When we got back to the house we found a couple of lost sheep at the house that
we have been missing for a while. Dwight and Kaye Kennerly were able to join us for
supper. Talk about some “Tall Tale Telln'” It was great to see them again.
Supper was a group effort, lots of folks brought sides to go with Ma Beth's pork.
We do have some pretty good cooks in our group, and if you went hungry, it was your own
Sunday morning we went out for a short ride around some of the secondary roads
around the area. Back to the house for a lunch of leftovers. Again it is hard to beat good
times like these.
Pardon me while I brag just a bit. Kirby and I brought the 2 young donkeys,
Hannah and Dylan for their first away from home wagon train and camp out. We hooked
to the waqon for Saturday and saddled up for Sunday. They did so good, just had to brag
just a bit. Thanks for indulging me!
Ma Beth and uncle Henry thank all of you that came and pitched in with all the
work that goes into putting on a weekend ride. We are very thankful for the ability to get together with great friends.

Calendar of Events

May 12-17

Five Day Ride

Place and details to be announced

Kirby Ingram



If anyone would like to have an event or go somewhere as a group, let a Board

 Member know and we will “GIT R DONE”


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