Club News

It sure is true what they say about the weather in South Carolina, if you don't like it just wait a few minutes and it will change. It has been one of the dryer and hotter spring and summers. One of those summers when no matter what time of the day you try to get some saddle time in it is hot and sticky. Just remember to make sure both you and your longears have plenty of fresh cool water. 

A Note From Olin 

I hope all are doing well, this summer has been tough on lots of our folks. With hot and dry weather, it is going to be a tough hay season, I believe. The Fair is coming up, Sally Sharpe and the Show Committee have been working hard to get things organized. I hope you all will be there to promote our “Longears” and pitch in and help keep things running smoothly. We have not had much going on these last hot months, but keep in touch for the fall riding season should be a busy one.
See you on the Trail, OJ

Plowday At the Ingrams
March 2015
Unfortunately we were rained out. We will have to pay the Preacher mor to make
sure we have good weather for next time.

H. Cooper Black
March 27-29, 2015
Another great weekend with friends we do not get to see too often. Once again
there was a wonderful meal Saturday night and a great facility for riding. The Palmetto
Retriever Club was there again putting on a Field Trial – it is fascinating to watch those
dogs work. Thanks again to the Carolina Mule Association for including us in their plans.

Lee State Park
April 10-12, 2015
As it seems to be the case more often than not, we had a small turn out at Lee.
3 wagons, Olin, G.W. and Kirby and I, 3 riders, Lari & Charlie Hoback and Gary Melton.
We also caught up with some old friends, Robin Stevens, her daughter Brittany along
with her 2 children and husband.
We missed all who could not come, hope to see more of you next time.

Ma Beth & Uncle Henry's
The weekend of April 24-26 found us in Barnwell at Ma Beth & Uncle Henry's.
Once again the weekend started out on a soggy note, so of coarse what do we do? We sit
under the the shed, eat and tell tall tales 'till the weather breaks. After lunch we got in
a good ride through the woods. We got back in time for a good supper and more “Tall
Tales”. Sunday morning it was time to hook up again and hit the trail. Back to the house
for lunch and time to pack up and head for home. Thanks to Ma Beth and Uncle Henry
(and their supporting cast) for a great weekend.

Mule – O-Rama.
If you did not know, this Show is a fund raiser for Hospice of North
A birdie (Olin) told me they had a great turnout. The weather was a bit damp.
That same birdie told me it could have doubled as a mud bog.
The important thing is everyone has a great time and they raise a lot of money for
a great cause.
Thanks to Skip and his crew for all your hard work.

South Carolina Wagon Train Association
We have a few in the SCDMA that are also members of the wagon train
association. They get together several times a year. I thought you might want to check
out a few pictures from their ride this spring.


Nov. 14th At FENCE in Tryon NC
Donkey and Mule Day
Call Barbara Claussen for reservation
$45 for the day includes lunch and registration