Club News

Letter from the President

I would like to thank all of our members for a wonderful year. It sure was a wet one. Now that everyone is getting dried out, it’s time to start planning for 2016.

Our yearly meeting had a very good turnout. Along with our SC members, we were happy to have two representatives from the Carolina Mule Association come down and join us. They shared with us a lot of great ideas. In this newsletter, you will see that we have included the CMA events with our scheduled events. We hope that some CMA members will come down and enjoy a trail ride or two with us. And also we will enjoy their participation in the 2016 SC State Fair.

So far we have two trail ride dates confirmed. Please share this information with your pals- whether they have long ears or short.  This year is going to be about branching out, so we can teach people about the joys of long ears.

Let’s make 2016 a great one.
Olin Jackson


The SC State Fair will be October 14-15. We are in the planning stages and are ready to make some changes. I need suggestions, so email me at or call at 803-609-5648.

Our judge will be Mrs. Marty Woods and our announcer will be Skip Neese. Show Secretary will be Lauren Privett. Volunteer Positions that need to be filled: Ring Steward, Gate Opener (need 2), Ring Set Up Crew. Please let me know if you are able to fill any of these positions.

We will be doing a show program again. We will have ad prices out soon. We are asking each member to try to get 3 sponsors. You can do classes in memory of someone, too.

Some NEW Ideas

Adding a dressage prospect class- Adding a dressage pick your own test class-Adding a ranch class (for non-quarter horse type mules)- Having a bigger purse for the coon jump and a few other classes to bring in more people (if we can raise the money). – Having a coon jump exhibition hosted by Les Clancy (His picture is left.)

These are just a few ideas- nothing is concrete yet. Please share your ideas and comments

Spotlight On New Members

Frank & Paula Spinale have found tranquility living in Blythewood, SC. Folks in Charleston thought they were crazy when they moved to the Midlands ~ 4 years ago.

Frank works for the USC School of Medicine.  Paula, a former Habitat for Humanity employee is on the Board of Hoof & Paw Benevolent Society.  The two were tired of planned neighborhoods & in search of country living. With a home on almost 20 acres (5 acres fenced in) Paula went to Sallie Sharpe in search of where to find farm animals.

The Spinales quickly became attached to a mini donkey named Clementine which led to the 2nd mini donkey (from Big Oaks Rescue) named Fancy Pants.  The minis live with a 35 yr old Federation Quarter horse named Nick who attempts to boss them around. But, for those of you who know, it’s difficult to be the boss of a donkey! They also own a horse named Jasper who when not showing comes for periodic visits to their farm and a year ago they adopted a 10 yr old yellow lab mix with heartworms named Sophia.

What’s next, probably chickens…Sallie, what kind of chickens should we get???


April 15-17

Manchester Ride

Kirby Ingram  803-481-7116

You must get a pass in advance for this ride.

 803-494-8314 to call Manchester Forest.

April 8-10

Croft State Park- Spartanburg

SC Host: Caroline & Jimmy Glenn 864-940-5886