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Kirby Ingram- President​
Sumter, SC 29078

​I hope everyone is doing well. There has been a bit of a “nip” in the air lately. Perfect weather for getting our “Longears” out for a drive or a trail ride. It won’t be long, just a couple of weeks before we are getting that Thanksgiving dinner planned and then Christmas will be not far behind.


We are a group of Mule and Donkey enthusiasts located in the state of SC that love to spend time with our wonderful Longears...come join us!!

​Notes from Kirby
It is time now to make plans to attend the SCDMA Annual meeting. Last year’s meeting held at the “Lizards Thicket” on Garners Ferry Rd. went over so well we are giving it another shot for 2020. Make plans to attend January 11, 2020. As everyone knows we gather for social time at 11:00 – Lunch at 12:00 and the Business meeting after the meal. The Club pays for the meal, so come and help plan our new year.
Lizards Thicket
7938 Garners Ferry Road
Columbia, SC 29209
We need to elect 2 Board Members, Dixie Shumpert and Tom Luketich are due to come off this year. Keep in mind there are 6 Board Members, 2 are elected every 3 years.
We will also need to “Restagger” the officer’s elections. Normally the President and Secretary/Treasurer are elected in the same year with the Vice President elected in the alternating year. Due to unfortunate​ circumstances we had to elect all new officers last year. So, come join in and help us get back on track.